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Question #273

Hi….I am a stay at home mom of 14 years with several children..some still young. My husband is very controlling and has all the bank information, debit cards and bank information. He just last night told me he will not give me a penny . I have been living like this for months and feel like there is no way out. He has let the health insurance lapse on my children all the way down to no longer putting gas in the car. I contacted legal aid..they said they can’t help. Do you have any advice or can you refer me to someone? I feel completely trapped..like there is no way out. I contacted crisis services and they told me he is a domestic abuser..all except physical according to an abuser wheel. I am in NC..do you know of anyone who could help me? I am desperate to get away from this situation.

Go to Family Court in your area and speak to a family assistant or other professional
There about your situation and ask that they help you file a demand for spousal and child support from your husband.

You can also try contacting your local Bar Association and as for the pro bono family law
Or matrimonial department and see if someone there can assist you.

Your husband cannot simply abandon you and the children without any means of financial support.
It is against the law and he will be forced by the court to provide you and the children with support.

Good Luck!

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions